Samsung Electronics has held a social contribution project called 'Samsung Junior Software Academy' since 2013. It is software education class for students from elementary, middle and high school students. The 'Junior Software Cup', which was firstly introduced in 2015, is a competition derived from 'Samsung Junior Software Academy' and it is for motivated students who want to change society with software. It supports kids who enjoys developing software and supports their ambitions for the future. The students who received awards at this competition were issued the 'Samsung Junior Software Heroes' membership and continues to receive support. 

Date Aug 2015 to Jun 2016

Design Positioning

Process + Together + Future
 A competition that grows continually along with software.

The Junior Software Cup is a tournament to discover and help support future students who wish to become software developers. At the competition, students will be able to utilise their own creativity, meet other prospective students and have a new perspective on the world. Numerous students across the country are becoming new software heroes through this competition.

Brand Concept

Friendly and Enjoyable

Festival A contest that was turned into a festival that people can enjoy 
Growth Stepping stone of growth through the competition ​​​​​​​
The Junior Software Cup logo is intended to give off a Arduino feel to it and show the growth of the brand. It was primarily designed to be recognised by the Junior Software Academy and be synonymous with Junior Software Heroes.​​​​
SDC(Samsung developer Conference) 2016
The winners of the Junior Software Cup will have the opportunity to participate in the Samsung Developer Conference in Las Vegas, USA. I created the Junior Software Cup booth, Junior Software Academy booth and introduction wall for participants at the event. 

Samsung Junior Software Heroes is a membership program of Samsung Electronics that supports the growth of talented software students that were discovered through the Junior Software Creation Competition. These heroes are joining forces with Samsung with the enthusiasm to grow into world class software developers and tackle some of the most complex problems.
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